Qbox for Conferencia FIT

Qbox allows users to share and collaborate on QuickBooks Desktop files remotely, featuring file locks to ensure changes you make are protected, history tracking and rollback features.

Don't hassle with Accountant Copies, emailing portable files, creating backups, or driving to your client's location any more.

Folder Based Pricing

$12/month or $120/year

What our customers say

"We prefer to use QuickBooks Desktop, and thanks to Qbox we have all of the benefits of QBO without sacrificing the power of QB Desktop."

"We have so many clients who bring their QB files to our office and then hold work while they wait for us to process, it puts pressure on us to turn it around quickly…Qbox has solved that issue for us."

“During tax season Qbox helps a lot, it allows you to do all the planning throughout the year as opposed to doing it all one time a year, during the busiest time of the year. ”

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